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"All law firms look the same."

They aren't.

We create custom assessments and robust models that highlight the personality traits shown to drive success at each law firm.

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One assessment, more opportunity

Important career decisions shouldn’t be made after a 20-minute screening interview. Taking our personality assessment ensures that you are seen and evaluated for who you are, not just what your resume suggests. Completing the assessment also gives you access to a development report that highlights your strengths and development priorities, which you can use for your growth and goal-setting.

Helping you get it right, the first time around

Using prestige, selectivity, and ranking to make sense of potential employers, associates end up at the “wrong” law firm all the time. Our assessments make it possible for you to experience job satisfaction, engagement, and professional alignment at an earlier stage in your career.

Fueling data-driven career decisions

Providing law firms with more objective data limits bias and ensures that the selection of high-performing associates is based on reliable metrics beyond GPA and law school ranking. Interested in learning more about our process?
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Common Questions

More Questions

Can I retake the assessment?

We currently allow candidates to retake the assessment after 2 years. 

How is my data being used?

When you take the assessment and submit your application for a specific opportunity, we share that information with the law firm you applied to so that they can better evaluate your candidacy. We will also use assessment data on an aggregate basis to improve our product’s AI.

For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.

Can I contact a law firm about my Thine application?

If law firms are interested in pursuing you as a candidate, they will reach out to you directly using the contact information you provided as part of your application.

Can I withdraw my application?

Yes. If you’d like to withdraw your application, follow these steps:

1. Log into your account
2. Click into the law firm application you would like to withdraw
3. Below the Submit button, click the Withdraw My Application button

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