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Our mission

Born in Brooklyn, we set out to provide a modern recruiting and professional development platform that serves the entire legal ecosystem. By leveraging science, technology, and industry experience, we streamline the legal recruitment process and selection experience, minimizing bias, reducing costs, and creating new possibilities.

A letter from the CEO

For my first job out of college, I worked as an assistant in the career services office of Georgetown University Law Center, where I was also a 1L student. As I sat on the floor of my boss’s office in 1993, shuffling through hundreds of paper interview schedules for hundreds of students, it never dawned on me that, almost three decades later, law students would still be interviewed by potential employers via packed schedules of back-to-back twenty-minute slots in awkwardly configured hotel rooms and windowless offices. I consider myself a creative person by nature, but I had no idea that I would—one day, some 25+ years later—devise and promote a career design platform that uses data and machine learning to eliminate the inefficient and ineffective screening interviews of law students.

Thousands of social scientists and industrial psychologists agree that personality traits can be mapped to specific competencies and these connections can be highly predictive of success. Our personality assessment helps candidates identify their strengths and development areas, and serves as an introduction to potential employers who—by using the same assessment results—can understand a candidate's potential value beyond their law school or class rankings.

My entire career has been in “big law.” First as a lawyer, then as a headhunter, a law firm trainer, an executive coach, and finally, as a talent management consultant to law firm leaders. Throughout, I have benefited from getting to experience first-hand, the complexity, diversity, and intelligence of this community. At Thine, we work to make our community stronger by providing ways to celebrate candidate and employer diversity, invigorate interviews with more effective questions that elicit more authentic responses, and deepen professional development possibilities. It’s YOUR career. It’s YOUR law firm culture. It’s YOUR reputation.

Welcome to Thine.

Our Technology Partners

We've partnered with Cangrade to revolutionize legal talent management with holistic, data-driven technology.

Our guiding principles

We bring each of these values to everything we do.
Be thoughtful + intentional
Choices matter, and we can’t make good choices unless we are paying attention and willing to explore possibilities.
Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion
We acknowledge the root causes of disparity and promote systems that create equitable compensation, access, and opportunity.
Show appreciation
When people feel fully seen and appreciated, they can let go of perspectives that are holding them back.
be curious, creative, and daring
We challenge ourselves and one another to live outside of our comfort zones.
inhabit a service posture
We ask ourselves daily “How can we be of service?” because change is less scary when people feel supported.
embrace change, growth, and learning
Standing still in a world that’s moving rapidly doesn’t make sense.
Strive for greatness
When we do our best work, everything falls into place.
value authenticity
Diverse perspectives are critical to helping us get better. We aim to provide a space where everyone feels they can be their true, authentic selves.

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