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In Discovery by Thine is a platform designed to help legal professionals learn, develop, connect, and consider new possibilities for their careers, as well as the future of the legal profession.

We also hope to be a platform where diverse perspectives, experiences, advice, and stories are shared. We’d like to hear from law students, summer associates, and lawyers—whether you’re practicing, searching for a job, or considering what’s next.

What we're looking for

Outlook + Op-ed
At Thine, we invite and encourage others to imagine new possibilities. To that end, we want to hear your innovative take on an aspect of the legal industry or legal careers. This could include a new program, legal technology, or a piece of research that can shift the way lawyers practice or the legal profession works. Or, you might explore how law is intersecting with other fields like business, tech, health, or culture.

Share your perspective in roughly 850 - 1200 words.

Lawyer to Lawyer Interviews
Do you know a fellow law student, law grad, or lawyer that has a compelling story or experience?  Perhaps there is someone that you’d like to ask for advice or hear about the work they’ve been doing? We are actively looking for pieces for our upcoming Lawyer to Lawyer series.

In this format, you’ll share a paragraph about your interviewee to give some context for your conversation, followed by an edited transcript of your 10-minute chat about some aspect of their legal career, legal work, or other experience. 

Your Stories + Perspectives
How did you get where you are now? What are you doing to get where you want to go? Was there a mentor that influenced or empowered you, a challenge you’ve had to overcome, or an experience that shifted your interest to a particular area of the law?

Share your story or experience with us in short essay form (roughly 850 - 1200 words).

A few more details...

We prefer to keep the style conversational, so write as if you were speaking with your audience over lunch. You can find a few examples of our content to reference our style, tone, and voice further here. 

Our audience 
Our audience consists of lawyers, recent law school grads, law students, and other professionals within the legal industry space. In general, we tend to write for law students and lawyers interested in career development or innovation for themselves, their colleagues, or others.

Other elements
Photos, charts, graphs, or other visuals are encouraged. Make sure any visuals are properly authorized for use and/or properly credited. If you are submitting a personal essay or Lawyer to Lawyer interview, we encourage you to include authorized, original photos of the person or yourself.

Submission checklist

Using prestige, selectivity, and ranking to make sense of potential employers, associates end up at the “wrong” law firm all the time. Our predictive hiring algorithms make it possible for you to experience job satisfaction, engagement, and professional alignment at an earlier stage in your career.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and become familiar with our content
  • Make sure your submission follows the content, style, and other guidelines above and below
  • Include a bio (roughly 50 words) + headshot (high-resolution, preferably in square dimensions)
  • Send us your primary social media handles or a website link (ie: Twitter, LinkedIn, personal site)

Submit your work

Email submissions to hello@thine.co.
  • Subject line: “Write for Thine: [Title] - [First Name, Last Name]”
  • Submit article attachment in .doc, .docx or Google Document format
  • Attach any images or visuals in .jpg or .png format, in addition to including in document
We will review and select submissions for publication on our site on a rolling basis.  These will also be shared on all of our social media platforms and in our weekly newsletter. Authors of selected submissions will receive a byline and a $100 stipend for each published article. Note: Contributors must represent and warrant that they own the copyright in their contribution. In consideration for use of the contribution by Thine, or any version of such contribution as edited by contributor and/or Thine, contributor will grant to Thine the exclusive right and license to use the contribution and any derivative work thereof without restriction. Upon Thine's acceptance of the contribution, the contributor will enter into an agreement with Thine reflecting the terms described above and in our request for submission.

Have questions? Feel free to contact Laura Franta-Abdalla at laura.franta-abdalla@thine.co.